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Student Accommodation Madrid - Who we are

Student Accommodation was created in 2007 by highly motivated young entrepeneurs who have dedicated their careers to help others to find the perfect accommodation in Madrid.
The team at Student Accommodation Madrid is made up of:


Triana accommodation manager student accommodation Madrid

Accommodation manager

Nationality: Spanish

Languages: Spanish, English and French

“Hi, I’m Triana! I come from the amazing city of Granada in Andalusia. I started my professional career in France in the tourism industry, where I realized that it was my true calling. The work, as well as life opportunities, has given me the change to move to incredible cities, such as London and Stockholm, but ultimatly allowed me to return to Spain and fall in love with Madrid.
 I’m so lucky do something I love, a passion that I now get to share with you (people who want to move to Madrid)! Thanks to my wide range of experiences, I will help you find the perfect accommodation for your needs and can advise you on all Madrid can offer you. Have an extraordinary stay at SAM! :)"




Accommodation advisor

Nationality: Venezuelan

Languages: Spanish, English and French

"Hi, I’m Joaquín. I was born in Venezuela, but my passion for adventure has led me to live in different countries such as France, Columbia and Spain. I love learning about the different cultures in each new place I visit and for this reason I’m sure that I’ll be able to help you settle quickly into your home in Madrid. I know that it’s a complicated process when you first move to a new country, away from your family and friends but I’m sure that like myself, you’ll learn a lot and enjoy the change. I’d be delighted to help you with everything that you need to find a place that suits your requirements perfectly!"


Tanja Tanja

Accommodation advisor

Nationality: Croatian

Languages: Croatian, Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese

"Hello everyone! I’m Tanja and I come from Istria, a beautiful peninsula in Croatia. I started my university education in Italy where I lived for 6 years and I also spent one year in Portugal, where I was studying, working and travelling a lot. Afterwards, I moved to Spain and decided to stay in Madrid. After years of living in different cities and changing a lot of flats I’m sure I can assist you in all the aspects of your accommodation research. I am looking forward to help you find your home in Madrid!"