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Hotels in Madrid

Hotels range from 3 to 5 star, and are recommended for those on short stays in Madrid or those not on a tight budget.

hotelroom - accommodation in Madrid

What the Hotels are like

The hotels vary in both price and quality.

Benefits of staying in a Hotel

-  Independence and freedom to do what you want.

-  Quiet and relaxed room for yourself.

-  Ability to choose the level of comfort that you require.

-  All of our hotels are located in the heart of Madrid, well served by by the central transport system.

Points to consider

- We have negotiated special prices with the hotels we work with. This ensures that you will pay less with us than you would if you made your booking direct with the hotel.

- Hotels prices range from 60€ up to 200€ per night. -  Breakfast and other meals may or may not be included in the price. Please advise us of your preferences.

Our Advice

Hotels are ideal for those staying in Madrid for a short period of time, and want to stay in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Competitive Prices

Per night, meals not included  Quoted on consultation Quoted on consultation