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Hostel in Madrid

Hostels are one of the most popular options for those who are looking for a cheap accommodation in Madrid.

What the hostels are like

They are simply furnished, comfortable and perfectly equipped for a short stay in Madrid.

Benefits of a hostel

-  All of the hostels are run by families regulated by the local council. This supervises the facilities and services that the hostel offers, ensuring quality of service.
hostal in Madrid - Double room
-  Cheap prices starting from 40€ per night, make them much more economic option than hotels.

-  All of the hostels are in central locations of the city, and well served by the local transport system.

-  All rooms are clean and comfortable.

-  You have the independence to come and go as you wish.

-  Hostels offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, whilst allowing you the independence that you need.

Points to consider

-  Hostels are simply furnished, clean and comfortable.

-  We offer a wide range of hostels to choose from, to suit your budget.

-  In some cases, bathrooms are included within the bedroom.

Our advice

This type of accommodation is perfect for those wanting to stay in Madrid for a set period of time, and enjoy a relaxed, comfortable and economic stay in the city.

Competitive Prices

Single with private bathroom
Double with private bathroom
Per night, meals not included
from 40
from 30